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Like A Duck In The Rain

Click on this link, it will take you to the song I have been listening to for the last year. I've made this song my prayer and watched God do some pretty amazing things. 
Thirst - Phil Wickham

Today was a good day. It was a duck in the rain, and mud puddle, spring break sort of day. It started out with me cleaning my kitchen. Yes, very practical, but also rewarding. I had a little bit of time to spare this morning so I sat down at my keyboard and played until something worth recording came. It was different than anything I've ever recorded before. I had been planning to write something that I could see myself singing to God as a worship song. As I was thinking and praying about it, He flipped it on me and I felt like He wanted to me to remember and think about His love for me. The words that drifted through my mind as I was playing went like this:
"There's a place that My heart longs to go,
There's a heart that I want to know,
A voice that I want to hear, and it…