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The road home

It has been a very long time since I have written anything for a blog. It is amazing how many things can change in a year and it is hard to believe that nearly a year has passed since Tara, Heather and I moved into our little house.
I remember moving in. It was a very chaotic experience. Moving always is. But to make matters worse, that was also the week I worked 55 hours, completed a large homework assignment, was sick, and played music for my cousins wedding. Looking back on it now, I don't remember a lot of specifics, only that the house was a mess, and I was tired. I was tired and sickish for the next month. I also spent a lot of time crying and wondering if things would eventually get better...
It seemed like things would never settle into any sort of normal. At work we were busy trying to implement a new software system that just plain out didn't work. We didn't have enough merchandise, placing orders was a long and painful ordeal, taking calls from frustrated custo…