Coffee, Friends, and Other Small Graces

Spring has turned into summer; the fields and hills now have a summer-ish brown color layered over the brilliant green of spring.


Tonight fireflies blink their lights at the night making the dark seem less lonely and more like my own personal galaxy. They are tiny stars that flash all around me. If I lay on my back I can see up to a brilliant display of stars that seem to go on for infinity. One phrase I will probably never get over is that little section of that verse in Genesis that says "And He made the stars also." Those enormously huge masses of hot, burning noxious gasses that glow in all colors imaginable - so much bigger than the earth. Like He just flung them out into space as an after-thought. Wow.

 I wiggle my toes in the bare earth and contemplate how good life feels right now. I have so much more than I deserve, so much more than I ever dreamed I would. So often its not that we don't dream, although there are those times. A lot of the time it's that we don't dream nearly big enough. The difference between a good dream and a God dream is weather or not it takes a miracle for it to happen.

My sister and I just moved out on our own for the first time. We have a really nice place. It's set way back a long gravel drive. Everyday driving in and out the drive way is like taking a mini field tour.
Its easy to imagine I live in a country-style jungle; there are rolling green hills, and tall lush corn fields, and the woods out behind the house. Three horses live in a pasture just outside the back door. It's quiet, spacious, peaceful.
Here I can have a music studio/work space where I can spread out and study.

Heather's art studio.

We collaborate on ideas and projects together. Soon Tara will be back from camp and we'll have even more fun.
I have so much to be thankful for. Like fresh coffee. Newly discovered wonderful friends. A happy family. A good job. A kind boss and awesome co-workers. Sleep. A little house and a few flower gardens. (I love digging in the earth and watching plants grow, probably something I inherited from my mother. Thanks, Mom. ) How well school is going, and how so far it is exactly what I was looking for in an education. Friendly classmates to network with. Helpful, respectful instructors. A back porch to sit on and watch the rain, or watch the sun rise. Church family. Being included. Being asked to be a part of what is going on around me. Good music. The fact that I get to learn more about music.

 I have been thinking about all of these things and I feel so incredibly blessed. Loved. I love how God works in our lives to make each life a brilliant masterpiece - a work in the art of grace. 


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