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Coffee, Friends, and Other Small Graces

Spring has turned into summer; the fields and hills now have a summer-ish brown color layered over the brilliant green of spring.

Tonight fireflies blink their lights at the night making the dark seem less lonely and more like my own personal galaxy. They are tiny stars that flash all around me. If I lay on my back I can see up to a brilliant display of stars that seem to go on for infinity. One phrase I will probably never get over is that little section of that verse in Genesis that says "And He made the stars also." Those enormously huge masses of hot, burning noxious gasses that glow in all colors imaginable - so much bigger than the earth. Like He just flung them out into space as an after-thought. Wow.

 I wiggle my toes in the bare earth and contemplate how good life feels right now. I have so much more than I deserve, so much more than I ever dreamed I would. So often its not that we don't dream, although there are those times. A lot of the time it's that we…