I've been having some different thoughts that last few weeks.
The thought that provided some extra food for thought today was this one: love is not about being nice, measuring up to expectations, treating other people well, or deciding to be a "good Christian," love is simply choosing to care about other people (their heart, their well-being, their dreams) above and beyond looking out for #1 (myself). For me that simplified a lot of things. It's not ever going to be about making myself nicer or even being a better person, not that those things aren't important, because they are. But the most important thing is to be a channel. I open myself (my heart and life) to experience the fullness of who He (Jesus) is and then let that redefine everything. His love will flow through my life and reshape everything, spill over the banks and into the lives of others. So much easier than trying and trying to measure up and be better!
Things, circumstances, life has changed a lot since I last updated my blog. My sister and I finished the marathon! It took us 51/2 hours to run it, but we finished well. It was a strange and wonderful experience. The last 6 miles were the hardest; we were tired, hungry, thirsty, sticky and salty and hopeful. There were people on both sides of the road running too. They were every bit as tired as we were, but just as determined. Everyone encouraged one another to keep going, come on, you can finish, one step at a time. Every step was monotonous and full of life at the same time. Life is like that sometimes. Strange and wonderful, hard and beautiful, painful and full of joy. Sometimes you say and believe encouraging things simply because you cannot afford the luxury of negativity. Anyway, looking back on it now it still surprises me that we did so well; that we actually decided to run a marathon and then finished it too!
I enrolled at Full Sail University and am now in week three of class one: Digital Literacy. It takes a lot of juggling to be a full time student and have a full time job. It's working so far. A lot of (hard) working. But it's my dream and that gives me the energy to be a little crazier than usual and do this year round ...for three years.
My parents are getting back together, the family is trying to come together. It's working so far. A lot of (hard) working and ultimately it comes down to this: we can't save ourselves from our fears, messes,  mistakes, and our past, but Jesus can. And He is. And that is hope good news.
Blessings, Vicki 


  1. Vicki! So glad to hear the family is coming together!!! In the end God n Good will win.... keep looking up and ur cheery smile! :-)

  2. Vicki!!!! This is so so true! So well written! I love the beautiful woman you are and I'm so proud of you following your dream!
    I'm so happy to hear about restoration in the family & will keep praying for you guys. Love & hugs


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