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I've been having some different thoughts that last few weeks.
The thought that provided some extra food for thought today was this one: love is not about being nice, measuring up to expectations, treating other people well, or deciding to be a "good Christian," love is simply choosing to care about other people (their heart, their well-being, their dreams) above and beyond looking out for #1 (myself). For me that simplified a lot of things. It's not ever going to be about making myself nicer or even being a better person, not that those things aren't important, because they are. But the most important thing is to be a channel. I open myself (my heart and life) to experience the fullness of who He (Jesus) is and then let that redefine everything. His love will flow through my life and reshape everything, spill over the banks and into the lives of others. So much easier than trying and trying to measure up and be better!
Things, circumstances, life has changed a l…