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Imperfect Worshippers

A couple weeks ago our discussion in church centered around this question: are you a worshipper? And if you are, why?
     I've been thinking about that off and on ever since. Our family discussion after church led us to the conclusion that we are imperfect worshippers because although our hearts are open to God in every way that we know how to be, He is always asking permission to take over new parts of our hearts and lives that before were unclaimed or claimed by things other than Himself.
      This is so much what my journey has been, all along. What do I value, and why? What do I bring as my offering to Him and why do I bring it? Over the last three years everything that I have deemed valuable or worth something has been tried and tested in more ways than I can count. Sometimes the only thing that I feel that I can bring  to Jesus is my mess and the choices that I make everyday, be they good or bad.
     Another thing that I have been thinking and learning about is God&#…